♫On The Second Day of Christmas ♫…….

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Day TWO of our ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ library event. Well done to today’s winner, Mollie-Sue McLoughlin 8B1!


Every day we will give away a brand new book!

To enter the draw pupils must have averaged 85% or higher on Accelerated Reader quizzes and have a daily engaged time of 20 minutes or more during the month of November.

 Good Luck!

♫On The First Day of Christmas ♫…….


day one

Day ONE of our ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ event. Every day we will give away a book to one lucky winner!

Today the lucky recipient was Sophie Benson 8B1

To enter the draw you must have averaged 85% or higher on Accelerated Reader quizzes at your individual reading level and have a daily engaged time of 20 minutes or more during the month of November.

 Good Luck!

Readathon Fundraising Total!

The current total from our year 8 Readathon and the non-uniform day before half-term is an amazing £1932.15!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this!

This money will go to help children in hospital. For them, books and stories are particularly important – they comfort, distract, reassure and entertain. Read for Good provides a regular supply of brand new books along with storyteller visits to brighten up the days of children in all of the UK’s main children’s hospitals. Children unable to leave their beds can choose books from a specially designed mobile bookcase which wheels right up to their bedside, and because they are brand new, the books are safe for those at high risk of infection.



One of the hospitals to benefit is the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children –

Northern Ireland’s only children’s hospital with 83 beds and around 7,500 in-patients each year.


Studying for your exams? Too busy to read? Too much revision to do? Stop right there!

Now is one of the best times to make sure you’re getting your daily reading for pleasure.

The benefits of daily pleasure reading are huge:

  •  You’ll almost certainly reduce stress.
  • Being carried away into the world in a book helps you take a break. It gives what you’re learning a chance to consolidate and settle.
  • It will help you get to sleep more quickly if you use it to calm your mind before bed.
  • Daily reading for pleasure in teenagers is associated with higher grades and greater success.

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Read what you want, something you can get carried away by, something that will let you escape for a while to another world.  it’s medicine for the soul. 

Reading for pleasure is not a luxury:

You’ll come back feeling better and better able to face exams!

Read to relax!

Congratulations to Hayden Smyth 8B4!

To celebrate Children’s Book Week, which begins on October 31, we decided to offer one lucky pupil a chance to win a Kindle Fire.

Pupils had to submit a correctly answered Dingbats quiz sheet to the library to be in with a chance. All the clues were titles of books and from the correct entries, one winner was chosen at random!


Well done Hayden!


New Pupil Librarians for 2018-2019

This year we once again invited pupils to apply for the position of pupil librarian.

Our pupil librarians need to be reliable; hardworking; honest; cheerful; sensible and enthusiastic and demonstrate a genuine love of reading.

So with this in mind, and following completion of our selection process,  we have selected the following pupils to help with the running of the library:

Crystal Speers                       Tara Finnegan

Emilija Paberza                     Sarah Moore

Katie Orr                                 Ellie-Jane Quinn

The chosen 6 will be allocated shifts in the library to cover lunchtimes and before school. They will help to keep the stock tidy and in the correct order, help with library displays, and with the issue and return of resources. They will take part in assemblies and help to promote any events that take place in the Library.

Bck row1

Our pupil librarians will also be on hand to help other students find what they are looking for and any other jobs which help the librarian.

Well Done Girls!


Joffre White Visit

On Monday 8th October, we were once again privileged to have published author Joffre White visit us in Killicomaine JHS.

The morning session, was one hour long and entitled ‘The Power of Words’.

All of year 8  were in attendance at this lively, inspirational event. Delivered in such a way that thoroughly engaged the whole audience, it wasn’t just about reading, but also addressed self-belief and personal potential.

These workshops were intended to inspire students to put pen to paper and write a story. Joffre lead them in lively, fun sessions that opened their imaginations and allowed them all, even our most reluctant writers, to create and write original stories.

Joffre White – Author, a UK Patron of Reading & Reading & Writing Motivator shared a post.

Killicomaine Junior High fantastic year 8’s inspired by the power of words- at the end a boy came up ‘I don’t usually like reading, but now I’m going to find ‘’my’’ book!’ That’s what it’s all about. #patronofreading #authorschoolvisitswork #supportingschoollibraries😎


Joffre White (author); Mrs Doogan & Ms Fulton