New Pupil Librarians for 2018-2019

This year we once again invited pupils to apply for the position of pupil librarian.

Our pupil librarians need to be reliable; hardworking; honest; cheerful; sensible and enthusiastic and demonstrate a genuine love of reading.

So with this in mind, and following completion of our selection process,  we have selected the following pupils to help with the running of the library:

Crystal Speers                       Tara Finnegan

Emilija Paberza                     Sarah Moore

Katie Orr                                 Ellie-Jane Quinn

The chosen 6 will be allocated shifts in the library to cover lunchtimes and before school. They will help to keep the stock tidy and in the correct order, help with library displays, and with the issue and return of resources. They will take part in assemblies and help to promote any events that take place in the Library.

Bck row1

Our pupil librarians will also be on hand to help other students find what they are looking for and any other jobs which help the librarian.

Well Done Girls!


Joffre White Visit

On Monday 8th October, we were once again privileged to have published author Joffre White visit us in Killicomaine JHS.

The morning session, was one hour long and entitled ‘The Power of Words’.

All of year 8  were in attendance at this lively, inspirational event. Delivered in such a way that thoroughly engaged the whole audience, it wasn’t just about reading, but also addressed self-belief and personal potential.

These workshops were intended to inspire students to put pen to paper and write a story. Joffre lead them in lively, fun sessions that opened their imaginations and allowed them all, even our most reluctant writers, to create and write original stories.

Joffre White – Author, a UK Patron of Reading & Reading & Writing Motivator shared a post.

Killicomaine Junior High fantastic year 8’s inspired by the power of words- at the end a boy came up ‘I don’t usually like reading, but now I’m going to find ‘’my’’ book!’ That’s what it’s all about. #patronofreading #authorschoolvisitswork #supportingschoollibraries😎


Joffre White (author); Mrs Doogan & Ms Fulton

Book-in-a-Jar Contest

We invited you to guess the title and author of the book in the

You could turn or shake the jar but you could NOT open the jar!

There were lots of correct entries and the winner was drawn randomly …….

Well done to  JASMINE RUDDELL 8A2!



*Important Note:

This was a well-loved book that had been read by many, but had also been damaged (missing pages) and was ready to be retired and replaced.

We gave it a new life as the shredded book contest, and will recycle it after we are done.

Skip the Queue – September

Everyone hates waiting in queues! Especially when you are hungry!

Some of our pupils found a simple way to avoid this.

All they had to do was log on to Accelerated Reader and successfully quiz on at least two books during September, gaining a score of 85% or higher, on books at their individual book level.

If they met these criteria, then their name went into the draw to win a Skip the Queue Pass (valid 1st – 12th Oct):


Lucia 8A1; Louis 8A2; Molly-Rose 8B2; Abigail 8B2; Harry 8B4;

Calum 9A1; Alasdair 9A2; Molly 9B1; Jack 9B1; Brigita 9B3        

Matthew 10A1; Tyler 10A1; Max 10A1; Khagaraja 10A2; Archie 10B1

(All names are drawn at random – a maximum of five per year group)

Well done!

Extreme Reading 2018!

The response this year to our competition has been fantastic! The competition is now closed and winners will be announced next week.

We had entries from year 8, year 9 and also from members of staff. No-one from year 10 was brave enough and our parents were obviously feeling very shy! Maybe next year!

Have a look at our entries below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well done to everyone who made the effort and we look forward to an even bigger response next year! Unfortunately we can only award one winner in each group. If we could we would reward each and every one of you!

Keep an eye on the website next week for the winners.


Final Teacher Forfeits for this Year!

It has certainly been a fun year with the new Teacher Forfeits introduced! Classes who achieve well during the Accelerated Reader quiz period, meeting 85% accuracy and 20 minutes daily reading, get the chance to participate.

This time round we had 8A2, 9A2 and 9AB. the ‘lucky’ staff members were Mr Whitehead, Mr Henderson and Mr Brown. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances meant Mr Henderson missed out (he was so disappointed!), but Mr Whitehead bravely stepped into the breach and took a soaking in the stocks from TWO classes!

As always, both the staff and the pupils involved had a lot of fun and we look forward to next year!

If you have any suggestions for new forfeits then see Mrs Doogan or Ms Fulton.


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The winning classes also earned a reward for their form teachers, who actively encourage pupils throughout the year.

form teachers

Form Teachers Rewarded!

Extreme Reading Competition 2018

Before this school year ends, could we ask you to think about different, exciting, fun and SAFE places you can enjoy a book?

Ask someone to take a photo of you reading your book in your extreme place.

Then you can either print it out and bring it to the school library or email it to the library by Friday 7th September 2018.

Don’t forget to put on your name and class.

For the first time ever – parents can enter too! Their entries should include the name of their child.

All entries may be used for display purposes within the school or on the school’s website or social media pages. By entering you are agreeing to this.

There will be prizes for

·       the most extreme reader in each year group;

·       a parent prize and

·       a staff prize.

You can enter as many times as you want! image002

Every entry will earn 1 house point!