Year 10 transfer exams? Too busy to read? Too much revision to do? Stop right there!

Now is one of the best times to make sure you’re getting your daily reading for pleasure.

The benefits of daily pleasure reading are huge:

  •  You’ll almost certainly reduce stress.
  • Being carried away into the world in a book helps you take a break. It gives what you’re learning a chance to consolidate and settle.
  • It will help you get to sleep more quickly if you use it to calm your mind before bed.
  • Daily reading for pleasure in teenagers is associated with higher grades and greater success.


Read what you want, something you can get carried away by, something that will let you escape for a while to another world.  it’s medicine for the soul.


  • Reading for pleasure is not a luxury:
  • You’ll come back feeling better and better able to face exams!
  • Read to relax!