Delicious Words Café


This week all classes have had the chance to take part in our Library Book Tasting Event!
Our goal was for everyone to have the chance to preview at least 4 books and decide whether or not they were interested in them.
So what did it involve? They had 3 minutes with each book. This was timed and so they had to stay focussed! They had a further 2 minutes to fill-out their menus and have a small snack before moving to the next table and therefore the next book!

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What books were on offer?
Earle, Philip -The Bubble Wrap Boy;
Taylor, Sean -A Waste of Good Paper ;
Riordan, Rick- Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes;
Edge, Christopher -12 Minutes to Midnight; Eastham, Ruth – Messenger Bird; Mayo, Simon- Itch; Symons, Mitchell – Don’t Wipe Your Bum with a Hedgehog ; Higgins, Chris – Alice in the Spotlight

Many thanks to our friends in Library Headquarters for loaning us some of the books! We have an excellent selection of books in our library and we hope that our pupils choose to read either for fun or for AR points.