Final Teacher Forfeits for this Year!

It has certainly been a fun year with the new Teacher Forfeits introduced! Classes who achieve well during the Accelerated Reader quiz period, meeting 85% accuracy and 20 minutes daily reading, get the chance to participate.

This time round we had 8A2, 9A2 and 9AB. the ‘lucky’ staff members were Mr Whitehead, Mr Henderson and Mr Brown. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances meant Mr Henderson missed out (he was so disappointed!), but Mr Whitehead bravely stepped into the breach and took a soaking in the stocks from TWO classes!

As always, both the staff and the pupils involved had a lot of fun and we look forward to next year!

If you have any suggestions for new forfeits then see Mrs Doogan or Ms Fulton.


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The winning classes also earned a reward for their form teachers, who actively encourage pupils throughout the year.

form teachers

Form Teachers Rewarded!