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Non-Uniform Day for Readathon

We are currently running a Readathon Sponsored Read for Year 8

Readathon is the UK’s national sponsored reading event for schools.

To further support the fundraising efforts of Year 8 we held a Non-Uniform day for ALL pupils on Friday 27th October 2017

This was not a fancy dress event however pupils were given the option to come dressed as characters from a children’s novel.



Prize winners on our Readathon non uniform day 27/10/17


 The money raised buys books for schools and brings the power of stories to children in hospital via mobile bookcases and resident storytellers.


Learning as we go along……

training 2



This is week 2 of training for our new Pupil Librarians with the focus this time on using the digital management system to return, renew and issue books to pupils.  All who attended proved themselves more than capable and managed to work well under the pressured conditions of a full library of students watching their every move!  Well done boys, keep up the hard work!




First meeting of the Year

Lunchtime today brought the first meeting of the new school year for our year 9 and year 10 book club.

The Pageturners met in the library and enthusiastically took possession of their first read – ‘We were Liars’ by E.Lockhart.

Everyone was assigned a role, so from Plot Experts and Character Analyzers to Setting Experts and Word Hunters, the next few weeks should offer up some interesting meetings.

There is still a possibility of a second session being held during late lunch on a Thursday – sign up at the library if you are interested.


Pupil Librarians 2017-2018

This year we once again invited pupils to apply for the position of pupil librarian. Our pupil librarians need to be reliable, hardworking and enthusiastic, so from the applicants, we have selected 6 pupils to help with the running of the library.

The new librarians be allocated shifts in the library to cover early morning sessions and lunchtimes. They will be on hand to help other students find what they are looking for and any other jobs which help the librarian.


Well Done!

Megan Hewitt 10A1                                                                               Jesly Jojo 10A2

Scott Mullen 10AB                                                                                 Chris Devlin 10B1

Alex Hunniford 10CF                                                                           Sam Dickson 10CF


  • The library is open from 8.15am every morning for homework/study/reading


The computers are for AR quizzes only during this morning session (unless prior permission from librarian)  

It tends to be a very busy place in the mornings and full of a ‘buzz’, which also means it is not always a quiet zone .

  • At lunchtimes the library is open for AR quizzes; reading; school work (written or pc); research and homeworks for those who want to get ahead.


Lunchtimes are  a quiet time and numbers are limited to 30 pupils only.

This operates on a first come first served basis.

We encourage pupils to plan ahead and organise their work effectively so we do not allow homeworks to be completed on the day they are due.

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We have a black and white printer in the library (no colour)

There is a small charge of 10p per A4 sheet (printer or photocopier)

Ms Fulton is always there to answer any queries or to offer assistance.