Year 8 – After Star Test 3






This morning’s assembly was to celebrate the outstanding achievements of year 8 pupils with Accelerated Reader. Mrs Blair and Mr Usher (year heads) presented the awards to a record number of pupils!

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Mrs Blair’s enthusiasm for reading and pride in the year group clearly showed through in her presentation. She spoke about  how reading can help everyone and everyone can be a reader if they only find the right book!


Even the pupils got involved! Katie Davison read a short passage from Matilda by Roald Dahl and Zarah Davison led in a prayer at the end of the assembly.












World Read Aloud Day 2018

During extended registration on the 1st February, form classes celebrated World Read Aloud Day. Here are the pictures.

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We think everyone in the world should get to read and write. Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people all around the globe read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people.

Here’s why that is important: Studies show that literacy is the foundation for emotional and physical well-being, intellectual growth, and economic security. Furthermore, reading aloud improves listening skills, vocabulary acquisition, and the understanding of common story themes and structures that will factor into children’s future success.

Year 9 After Star Test 3

This morning we had a year assembly to celebrate the achievements of the year 9 pupils with Accelerated Reader. Hosted by Mr Kirk and Mrs McClenaghan, year 9 pupils were singled out for some very worthy praise!

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Mr Kirk focussed on the importance of achieving 85% accuracy and also reading for 20 minutes every day!

Keep up the good work Year 9!



Carnegie Award Winning Author Visits Killicomaine!

Y10 pupils were incredibly fortunate to enjoy meeting with Carnegie award winning author Sarah Crossan this week.

Alongside only 5 other schools in the country, Killicomaine was selected to participate in the project which included contributing to a Fronter forum (along with pupils and staff from the other 5 schools ), to discuss the author’s latest work, before meeting Sarah in person.

During the session with Y10 Sarah told pupils all about the inspiration for her novel ‘Moonrise’ as well as how writing has helped her in coping with life. She highlighted also the power of reading to enable empathy with others (something she hopes to offer to her readers through her work) and the idea of potential and how to achieve it.

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All pupils were gifted a hardback copy of her latest novel which she happily personalised for every pupil at the end of the event.

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Megan Hewitt won the creative writing competition all pupils were invited to participate in through the forum, walking away with copies of Sarah’s other books to add to her collection – well done Megan!

sarah crossan author megan winner

Creative Writing Competition Winner – Megan Hewitt 10A1

Many thanks to Janet Compston of the Library and Education Board, Kathryn and Liz from Booktrust and of course to Sarah Crossan herself for affording us this welcome and rare opportunity.

10,000 hours makes you a master – what will our Y10 pupils dedicate their mastery to?

Open Night in Killicomaine Library

Open Night was 18th January 2018 and as always, it attracted a large crowd of interested Primary School pupils and their parents.
It was a very successful and enjoyable evening.

In the library we had table quizzes, Accelerated Reader in action and of course, our Book Fair!

Here are some of the primary school pupils who called in to see us.

(photographs by Sam Dickson)

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Round 2 – AR Teacher Challenges!

Many thanks again to Mr Brown and Mr Henderson for participating in our second teacher forfeits!
8A1 and 9A1 had great fun making these two ‘suffer’ and I am sure the classes will be making great efforts to meet their 85% and their 20 minutes daily reading time during this quiz period as well.
The winners were:
87.3% accuracy and 44 minutes per day (Mrs McCormick’s form class)
They chose Mr Henderson and the Ice Bucket Challenge
89% accuracy and 22 minutes per day (Mrs Blair’s form class)
They chose Mr Brown and the Stocks Challenge
No class in Year 10 qualified