Thursday 10th November was the second meeting of our year 8 book club – Chatterbooks.


Pupils arrived ready to sit around discussing the book and immediately were split into two teams. Each team were given a stash of snowballs – rolled up pages with questions to prompt discussion. Every time an opposing member was hit by a ‘snowball’ they had to unroll it and answer the question! A lively battle commenced and lots of laughter and ‘hits’ led to much discussion about what proved to be a very popular book choice.

We discussed how reading is a superpower and then split into three teams to design our very own ‘reading superheroes ‘. Once these are laminated you can see them displayed in the library. All agreed it was another fun session and the new read for next month will be issued tomorrow.

‘JET BLACK HEART’ By Teresa Flavin.


On Thursday 13th October we held the first meeting of our new year8 book club. The book being discussed was ‘The Boy on the Porch’ by Sharon Creech.

Discussion questions drawn from a jar prompted some interesting views and our year 8 pupils were keen to chat about the varied topics that arose.


They ended the meeting with a version of Bertie Botts’ taste challenge. Using different senses to guess the flavour of jelly beans created a lot of fun competition between the groups! The winning pupils got to take the rest of the jelly beans as their prize!

The next meeting will be on Thursday 10th November and our book is ‘The Astounding Broccoli Boy’ by Frank Cotterell Boyce.