The Page Turners

Ok. New year. New group of readers. The first meeting will take place on Thursday 20th October 2016.
The book is ‘There Will Be Lies’ by Nick Lake. 
Members can bring food / items related to the book to the meeting. See you all then!


Pageturners 2015-2016


This group, consisting of year 9 & 10 pupils, meets once a month in the library over tea and nibbles to discuss themes, interesting facts and opinions about the books they have been reading.

Alongside enthusiastic debate about the book is the opportunity to share: likes and dislikes, interesting objects related to the text, further reading, author information and the chance to enjoy the foods of the novel too!

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3rd February 2015

Another successful meeting of our book club ‘The Page Turners’, took place in the library yesterday.

Participants took part in lively chat about our latest read ‘Maggot Moon’ by Sally Gardner, and were refreshed by hot chocolate and cookies! 🙂